Wellness Initiatives

Building a stronger, healthy team means a healthier bottomline

Wellness: Healthy Benefits

Whether your organization is new to a wellness curriculum or you have several years of practice, LaRocca and Associates can enhance your wellness results by customizing a program strictly designed for your goals. Through our partnership with an independent Wellness Company we provide our clients access to an on-site wellness consultant dedicated to increase employee participation and make the program a greater success. Working together, we can reduce your healthcare costs and increase your employees’ productivity.

Wellness Capabilities

  • Features & Benefits
    • Branding
    • Content Flexibility
    • Incentive & Coaching Based Platforms
  • Population Health
    • Health Assessment
    • Risk Advisor
    • Wellness Workshops
  • Reporting Analytics

Wellness for your employees, means wellness for your business

With the data from an on-site biometric test or online risk assessment, our platform pinpoints major risks for each individual and develops a strategy to reduce these concerns.Whether it be through an in-depth exercise routine, detailed nutritional guide with dietetic calculators or a meal plan with recipes and shopping lists, employees will have the assistance of nutritionists, personal trainers and nurses to achieve their ultimate goal.

With the ever-changing marketplace, it is important to have a strong partnership with your insurance broker, and to be “up to date” with the newest technology and capabilities that will ultimately lower your company’s bottom line.